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Leica Fluorescence Stereo Microscope

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Leica fluorescent stereo microscope function introduction

  Leica Fluorescence Stereo Microscope is a microscope for observing substances that can fluoresce, or substances that can fluoresce after being dyed with fluorescent pigments. It has the following characteristics:

  1. The fluorescent pigment used for dyeing can emit bright fluorescence at a very low concentration (such as 1:100,000), and it is generally non-toxic to the body, so it is beneficial to observe in vivo, such as studying the change process and fine structure of functional organs. Changes in certain metabolic processes and so on.

  2. The use of fluorescence also helps to analyze the chemical composition of substances. For example, some important components in tissues can interact with drugs to fluoresce, and their presence or location can be identified based on this.

  3. It is simple to dye with fluorescent color cord and easy to make specimens. Conducive to fast work.

  4. Excite the fluorescence of the specimen with ultraviolet light or purple monochromatic light. Because ultraviolet light is invisible light, the fluorescence emitted by the specimen has a great contrast with the background. Fluorescence stereo microscopes usually observe color images under dark background, while ordinary microscopes observe darker samples under bright background. The contrast of fluorescence stereo microscopes is about 100 times that of ordinary microscopes, so it can be observed with ordinary microscopes. Unseen structure and details.

  5. Observe the pair of samples dyed with fluorescent pigments with naked eyes or ordinary microscopes, and only the whole sample can be seen colored with the same color. When observed with a fluorescent stereo microscope, the specimen will emit fluorescence specific to the dye. Shows the color image of the specimen, which is easy to identify and can reduce eye fatigue.

According to the connection between the illuminating device and the observation Leica stereo microscope, it can be divided into three types: equipped with closed illuminator, built-in fixed illuminator, and separate illuminator dedicated microscope.

  Equipped with a closed type middle and microscope device on the base of the illuminator, the microscope is fixed on the base, so it is easier to adjust the optical axis than the separate type and has better stability. But its flexibility is poor and it is not used for handheld microscopes. This type of lighting device can only be used with a microscope produced by the same factory to achieve the best performance. Another advantage is that it has less light leakage than separate ultraviolet light. If it is equipped with an ordinary standard microscope and equipped with a cut-off filter, it can also be used for fluorescence observation, and the combined device is cheaper.

  The built-in fixed type is composed of light source, illumination optical system, various filter plates and observation microscope. It is installed in a solid body. It is a special fluorescent microscope. Its optical axis is more perfect. You don’t need to worry about offset when adjusting. The light leakage of the excitation light is very small. It is the most suitable microscope for fluorescence observation, but the price is higher.

  In the separated type, the illumination device is separated from the microscope and can be configured independently. If the cut-off filter is used with a handheld microscope, the fluorescence can be directly observed. This type is easy to manufacture and low in price. However, if you accidentally collide, the optical axis will not overlap, causing deviation and adjustment, and the knife will easily leak ultraviolet rays out of the optical path between the illuminator and the microscope. When used in the fluorescent antibody method, if the brightness is not sufficient, a small amount of deviation of the optical axis will hinder the observation, so special care should be taken when using it.

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