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Shenzhen Beijia Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 (formerly known as Shenzhen Beijia Trading Co., Ltd. and Leica Shenzhen Office). At the beginning of 2000, Leica Microsystems authorized Shenzhen Beijia Company to be responsible for the comprehensive development of the electronic industry market in Guangdong Province, engaged in the marketing, development, sales and after-sales installation, training, maintenance, repair and other after-sales services of Leica microscopes in Guangdong Province's electronic industry products. We will work hard to develop the electronics industry market in Guangdong Province, so that customers can get faster and more satisfactory services.
In 2005, Begaard established Juli Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong in order to serve overseas customers more quickly, which is fully responsible for all business operations of overseas companies.
In 2006, the company established Shenzhen Beijia Technology Co., Ltd. in accordance with market development needs to independently research and develop, produce and sell metallographic analysis, inspection microscopy, tool measuring microscopes, various manual and automatic super large platform optical inspection microscopes, digital camera systems, and measurement Software and other related products industry chain.

Products are mainly used in PCB, LCD, LED, IC, SMT, surface coating, optical inspection, semiconductor, material analysis, inspection and quarantine, universities, research institutes and other industry applications. Emerson, Great Wall, Foxconn, Shennan Circuits, Bomin Electronics, Wuzhu Circuits, Gaoyi Communication, Oranjo, Flextronics, Chaoyi, Meiwei Group and other well-known companies at home and abroad have successfully established business cooperation relationships with famous domestic universities, Scientific research institutes, inspection and quarantine bureaus, product testing centers, and the National 863 Surface Materials Research Institute have established scientific and technological collaborations.

We have a high-quality professional team, with "integrity, quality, service" as the company's business philosophy, to meet customer needs as the purpose, reputation as the foundation of the company's survival, and dedicated to talent training and technology improvement. All sales engineers have undergone strict professional training in product application and can provide users with the best professional consultation and complete production solutions. In order to ensure that users are satisfied with the results, the after-sales service is continuously increased. Improve quality and ensure efficient peripheral services.

Past successful experience tells us that high quality and high-quality service are the key to our survival. While providing advanced scientific instruments and testing equipment, we pay more attention to high-quality services.

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